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The first tool to consider when hitting the water is
your choice of fishing rod. Fishing rods come in all lengths, quality levels
and prices. In the past, anglers had limited choices both in rod material and
rod style, with most people just looking at the price.  Today, fishing rods range in price from $25
to $400 and while price is still often the deciding factor on the type of rod
an angler may purchase, today’s anglers have a much greater selection. However,
when buying a rod, keep in mind that you get what you pay for.
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Top Water Smallmouth

DSC00688 (2)The Menominee River is a topwater aficionado’s delight. Not only is the Menominee River user friendly for topwater baits, but the angler has a real chance of landing a 20-inch bronze back spring through fall. Some waters see a hot topwater bite when smallmouth are on their beds, but once spawning is completed you’d best put your favorite topwater baits back in the tackle box. However, I am fortunate in that the only month in which I have not caught a 20 inch smallmouth on a topwater bait on the Menominee River has been November. In November the water temperature is usually below 40 degrees and a cold front seems to pass through every other day. Continue reading “Top Water Smallmouth” »

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